Useless Beauty Standards

Why these useless beauty standards exist in society? A lot of time this happened that i look at someone’s face, like a teenage girl with dark skin, big round nose, small but shiny eyes and smile broad enough to outshine the sun_that beauty made me utterly captivated. If i try to remember the most beautiful faces i have ever seen with my eyes of teenagers, children,old, men and women: it surprises me “Why they don’t fit on society’s useless beauty standards? ” or “Why this beauty, this heaven beauty is not a beauty standard of this society?

How I Saved Myself From Drowning In these Useless Beauty Standards

Like every teenage person in our society, I also suffered from numerous personality problems that took a severe toll on my self-esteem. I found myself caught in a vicious cycle of comparing my looks to other girls, always concluding that I fell short. My hatred extended to my perceived shortcomings – small eyes, a round face, and a height of 5.3 inches. It was a challenging period,that was supposed to be filled with fun, confidence, and self-discovery. Fortunately, I count myself lucky to have been able to save myself drowning early from the undercurrents of these shallow and useless beauty standards. I hope my journey from comparing myself with Beauty Standards of society to Self Love will help you!!

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I asked my self, what would the prettiest person look like to me?

How on the earth i have to look to be prettier than everyone else?

For the sake of this answer, i imagined to become the person i am dying to be, it is my new appearance now. i am now the prettiest person. straight hair, tanned, big brown eyes, full lips, all that. Happy?

No!! i am going to be the prettiest person for a little while. Then maybe i would see someone make a straight hair joke, saying they prefer curly hair and blue eyes. They prefer clear skin, without freckles. They prefer someone who looks like someone else.
Both of these girls would be very pretty. Could i say one is prettier than the other? Maybe you think the curly hair are prettier, but I may think the straight hair are prettier. Ask a group of people, you’ll get different answers. As I said, both of them are pretty, but can either one be prettier?There have probably been hundreds of people I’ve seen over the years who I wished I looked like.

And that’s the problem. There’s so many different types of beauty, and it’s impossible to truly be the most beautiful. People can all be so different, and they shouldn’t be compared to each other.

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Credit :TheRightHairStyles

i don’t know if their hair styles are right or wrong but are not they all are pretty goddesses? like you and me??

The “prettier” person has most likely also seen someone “prettier” than they are, wished they looked like someone else. The fight to be the prettiest is a useless, endless battle. You’re never going to win.

If you had the power to make yourself the most attractive person, I can guarantee you’d never be able to settle on just one look. You’d be continually adjusting your appearance, again because there is no such thing as the most attractive person.

This answer isn’t just targeted towards girls, by the way. Same goes for guys. Being the most attractive man is also an impossible goal.

Instead of wasting your energy on this never ending battle, learn to acknowledge and appreciate the different types of beauty.

Recognize that the presence of another’s beauty doesn’t take away the existence of your own. Many kinds of beauty are allowed to exist, and they can exist alongside each other.

Besides, does it really matter that much? Why do we treat being less pretty as the worst thing ever? Yes, it’s nice to feel beautiful, but the beauty standards we put ourselves up against are incredibly superficial and shouldn’t (and don’t) impact how much you are worth.

Honestly, just don’t worry about it that much. It is as useless as new NoPhone Air (an empty air bag as a phone) 😀

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