War Against Cats

Ever come across someone who cringes at the mere mention of “meow”? Picture this before i tell you about Useless War In History: Pope Gregory IX declared a war against cats, a friend who turns into a couch gymnast at the sight of a cat, jumping to the Olympic level just to avoid cat competitions.

Then, there’s a conspiracy theorist who believes cats are secret agents for a secret world domination plan, all orchestrated by strategic purring. Encounter a black cat, and watch the expert spin as they dodge the supposed “bad luck” zone. And let’s not forget the mystical enthusiasts who believe that cats have supernatural powers, possibly possessing seances while they nap and can see spirits. hahaha!!!, the feline-inspired humour of life!

Once upon a time, in the quirky chronicles of history, Pope Gregory and his merry band of cat skeptics embarked on an epic quest to rid the world of feline mischief. Convinced that cats were mere vessels for Satan’s spirit, they declared open season on our unsuspecting furry companions. With grand expressions of disdain and fervour, they singled out black cats as the culprits, branding them carriers of doom. The proclamation echoed through the hallowed halls, “Unlucky, be thy fate!” The ensuing cat purge, marked by sombre expressions and misguided superstitions, left us pondering the fate of these misunderstood whiskered souls. Let’s take a moment to mourn the impressions lost in the shadows of this feline tale. 🐾

black cat drawing Useless War In History - Pope Gregory IX Declared a War Against Cats
credit :Ancient Origins

Between 1227 and 1241, the Catholic world was ruled by Pope Gregory IX in the 13th century, and people had some beliefs about the world that we would consider crazy. Pope Gregory believed that cats carried the spirit of the devil around them and were therefore not to be trusted. This gave rise to the superstition that black cats are unlucky.In fact, during the years 1233-1234, cats were mass-murdered by loyalists of the Church and the Pope. Some historians believe that people killed many cats to create a wave of plague. It was then believed that Satan spread the plague because he was angry that so many of his cats had died.

If we look at history, we can understand that the rats flourished because many cats were killed. But, little did they know; It was the rat fleas that spread the plague.But the Pope had started something that took a long time to finish. His This war against cats had an impact on people and cats alike.The fact that the Pope declared War Against Cats had far-reaching effects, far beyond small cats.

This Useless War In History Had Major Effects :War Against Cats

The pope’s Useless War In History on cats didn’t just affect cats. It also had a significant impact on people. The War Against Cats seemed to be a witch hunt on a large scale. Thousands of people, especially women, were being blamed and harassed by neighbours and friends. A new task was opened. Witch Hunter. Religious men who wanted to prove their loyalty to the church hunted women down and accused them of witchcraft. As a result of this hunt, the unfortunate women were tortured and killed.

The cats still weren’t safe. This time, cats were being killed as a result of the witch-hunting frenzy. In the late 1400s, cats were being killed because they were believed to be familiar with witches.

painting of cat worship- War Against Cats

It wasn’t until the Pope exterminated the cats that the killings stopped. Although superstitions are still alive today. It goes to show that some ideas never really die.

This War Against Cats with idea of ​​cats still lives on in Elizabethan England, where an effigy of a cat was burned during the queen’s coronation. The statue was filled with live cats.

Indeed, our beloved feline friends endured a tumultuous past, caught in the cross hairs of superstitions and religious fervour. The misguided notion that cats, much like witches, were devil’s accomplices reveals a time when knowledge was scarce, and the Church held sway over minds, like Georgian Britain’s Obsession With Tea :p

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