Breaking the Tape: Unveiling the 2024 Boston Marathon Champions!

Thousands of runners from across the globe pounded the pavement today at the 2024 Boston Marathon! to become the winner of Boston Marathon.Among the nearly 30,000 finishers, a few emerged victorious. Let’s see who crossed the finish line first!

Taking a closer look at the men’s professional results…

2024 Boston Marathon
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  • Ethiopian powerhouse Sisay Lemma crushed the course, clocking in at an impressive 2:06:17 to win the prestigious men’s professional division!
  • While Sisay Lemma dominated the race, another Ethiopian athlete, Mohamed Esa, wasn’t far behind. Esa crossed the finish line in a very respectable 2:06:58, securing the second-place position.
  • Evans Chebet! There’s a familiar face on the podium. Though unable to clinch a historic three-peat victory, the Kenyan champion still has an impressive showing, finishing strong at 2:07:22.

Let’s shift gears to the women’s professional division

2024 boston marathon
  • Back-to-back champion alert! Kenyan runner Hellen Obiri proves she’s the queen of the course, securing her second consecutive Boston Marathon victory with a time of 2:22:37.
  • An incredibly close race for the women! Despite a valiant effort, Sharon Lokedi of Kenya finished just behind Hellen Obiri with a time of 2:22:45. That’s an impressive performance in itself!
  • The Kenyans are definitely dominating the podium! Edna Kiplagat adds another name to the top finishers list, clocking in at 2:23:21 to secure third place.

In the men’s wheelchair division

Marcel Hug 2024 boston marathon
  • Marcel Hug, hailing from Switzerland, crossed the finish line with a confirmed new course record of 1:15:33 in the 2024 Boston Marathon. With this remarkable achievement, he secures his seventh victory in the Boston Marathon wheelchair division.
  • Daniel Romanchuk, representing the United States, finished the race with a time of 1:20:37.
  • David Weir, flying the flag of the United Kingdom, crossed the finish line in 1:22:12 in 2024 Boston Marathon.

The inspiring women of the wheelchair division.

Eden Rainbow-Cooper 2024 boston marathon
  • UK’s Eden Rainbow-Cooper conquers the women’s wheelchair race in 1:35:11, a potential first win for her at Boston and Majors!
  • Swiss racer Manuela Schär followed closely behind in 1:36:41!
  • Madison de Rozario, from Australia, completed the race in 1:39:20.

Onto the handcycles! Who took the top spot in the men’s division this year?

Sweeping the podium in the men’s handcycle division are the USA athletes, 2024 Boston Marathon!

  • Zachary Stinson took the top spot with a blazing time of 1:04:46.
  • John Masson followed closely behind in 1:09:33.
  • Dustin Baker secured third place, finishing at 1:10:10.

Results in the Women’s Handcycle Category?

  • Alicia Dana (USA): Clocking in at an impressive 1:15:20.
  • Edie Perkins (USA): Finishing strong at 1:33:57.
  • Devann Murphy (USA): Securing third place with a time of 1:43:23.

In the duo teams category, the top performers of

  • Canada’s Julien Pinsonneault and May Lim claimed victory with a time of 2:54:43.
  • The American duo of Shaun Evans and Shamus Evans followed closely behind at 2:55:35.
  • Rounding out the podium are Canadians Jean-Phillippe Morand and Victor Morand with a time of 3:06:02.

In the para divisions, athletes showcased incredible determination and skills in 2024 Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2024 – Para Results (by Classification)

Men’s Para T62/T64/T42/T44 (Lower Limb Impairment)

  • Marko Cheseto Lemtukei (USA) – 2:46:45
  • Peter Keating (USA) – 3:23:31
  • Brian Reynolds (USA) – 3:28:41

Women’s Para T62/T64/T42/T44 (Lower Limb Impairment)

  • Kelly Bruno (USA) – 3:31:30
  • Nicole Ver Kuilen (USA) – 4:13:18

Men’s Para T61/T63/T43 (Lower Limb Impairment)

  • Adam Popp (USA) – 3:11:56

Women’s Para T61/T63/T43 (Lower Limb Impairment)

  • Tatsiana Khvitsko-Trimborn (USA) – 4:00:04
  • Meghan Bradshaw (USA) – 4:31:14

Men’s Para T45/T46 (Upper Limb Impairment)

  • Atsbha Gebremeskel (Ethiopia) – 2:54:14

Women’s Para T45/T46 (Upper Limb Impairment)

  • Adrienne Keane (USA) – 4:44:26

Men’s Para T35-T38 (Coordination Impairment)

  • Joseph Drake (USA) – 4:32:44

Women’s Para T35-T38 (Coordination Impairment)

  • Cristina Burbach (USA) – 3:41:17
  • Sara Whittingham (USA) – 4:23:05
  • Renee Trent (USA) – 5:01:20

Men’s Para T20 (Intellectual Impairment)

  • Thomas Cantara (USA) – 2:35:23
  • Andrew Bryant (USA) – 3:17:51
  • Timon Sideris (Australia) – 3:24:37

Men’s Para T13 (Vision Impairment)

  • Andrew Thorsen (USA) – 3:02:23
  • Jared Broughton (Canada) – 3:25:16
  • Brett Sims (USA) – 3:52:12

Women’s Para T13 (Vision Impairment)

  • Lisa Thompson (USA) – 4:00:58
  • Jennifer Herring (USA) – 4:26:50
  • Janet Cain (USA) – 6:01:16

Men’s Para T11-T12 (Vision Impairment)

  • Irwin Ramirez (USA) – 3:24:21
  • Eric Strong (USA) – 3:32:43
  • Marc Gibert – 3:49:22

Women’s Para T11-T12 (Vision Impairment)

  • Joyce Cron (USA) – 4:27:46
  • Livea Pereira (Brazil) – 4:29:30
  • Hannah Defelice (USA) – 4:53:53

Do you want to know someone running the 2024 Boston Marathon? You can find their stats here or read something else.

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