Kérastase Hair Coach – Big #0?

Introducing the latest addition to the lineup of purely useless inventions Kérastase Hair Coach.I am just wondering,why a hairbrush with a mission: to turn your daily hair routine into a scientific expedition? With its built-in microphone hiding over your hair brushing symphony and sensors analyzing your every stroke like a masterpiece, this brush proves that when it comes to hair care Yes, then we’ve finally hit the pinnacle of over-engineering. Because who wouldn’t want their hair routine to feel like a NASA mission, complete with data analytics and high-tech scrutiny? It’s not just a brush; This is a hair astronaut training program! hahaha

Crafted in partnership with beauty giants Kérastase and L’Oréal, the Withings Hair Coach stands as a shining testament to solving problems that were never really there in the first place

Any Guesses For The Price Of Kérastase Hair Coach? – A Masterpiece?

Guess what’s rocking the hair care scene this fall? The Withings Hair Coach, a hairbrush that’s not just a brush — it’s the ‘future of hair care’! At a cool $200/£160, this genius brush has a microphone on the split end to listen, sensors to track your brushing technique, and it even tells you if you’re brushing too much. Will also give a little buzz. So they telling me that i need a buzz to not scratch my scalp? Really? It syncs with your smartphone, assesses the health of your hair, and offers personalized hair care advice. Because why brush regularly when you can have a sidekick of hair wellness, right?

Alright, bear with us on this one. On the plus side, we get it—there’s a market for everything. At £160, it might seem steep for a hairbrush, but hey, it’s not quite the wallet-buster some of our other utterly useless gadgets are. But let’s pause for a moment: smart hairbrush. Say that out loud a few times and try to convince yourself it’s a genuine necessity. We’ll wait.

Today’s Useless Inventions(like Kérastase Hair Coach) vs History

Let’s take a thrilling trip down memory lane and revisit the timeless art of women’s hair care routines. Picture it: A reliable ally in achieving classic hairbrushes, luscious locks, without a microphone or sensor. Fast forward to today, where Wings hair coach claims to revolutionize the game. Now, I’m no hair historian, but I’m pretty sure our grandmothers didn’t need Bluetooth to maintain great hair. Let’s celebrate the simplicity of past routines and share a laugh at the idea of ​​a hairbrush with more tech than a spaceship!

Today's Useless Inventions vs History
Credits:rare historical photos

Achieving luscious locks doesn’t require a smart hairbrush. Embrace timeless habits for healthy hair: First, regular trims keep split ends at bay. Gentle washing with a sulphate-free shampoo maintains natural oils. Air-drying or using a cool setting on your hairdryer minimizes damage. Choose a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction during sleep. Scalp massages stimulate blood flow, promoting healthy hair growth. Incorporate a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair from within. Hydrate by drinking ample water(but Not Diet Water definitely )to maintain overall hair health.

Remember, the secret to a gorgeous mane lies in simplicity and mindful care, no sensors required!In the quest for healthy and vibrant hair, simplicity often reigns supreme. While innovative gadgets may promise revolutionary solutions, timeless habits like regular trimming, gentle grooming, and a balanced diet remain the foundation of a beautiful mane. Embrace the beauty of simplicity, celebrating the natural glow that comes from mindful, holistic practices. Your hair, like life, thrives most when treated with care, minimizing the need for excessive technology. So, here’s the magic of uncomplicated routines, where the true essence of healthy hair shines through, without unnecessary complications!

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